The Best Massage in Minneapolis. Hands down!

Rejuvenate yourself with a massage customized to meet your needs. Since every body needs different care, our massage therapists help you select a treatment just right for you. We provide Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Relaxation massage.

Come down Lontis to experience Minneapolis’ best massage for yourself!

Massage Services & Pricing

Signature Massage

Customize the perfect massage experience with pressure of your choice, as well as several spa touches. Each Signature Massage includes aromatherapy, back scrub, steamed towels on the feet, a few hot stones and any pressure you like from light to deep tissue.

30 minutes………$65-$80+
45 minutes………$92-$108+
60 minutes………$110-$125+
75 minutes………$137-$152+
90 minutes………$165-$180+

Two hands massage a young woman's shoulders during a signature massage at Lontis Day Spa

Couples Massage

Escape to a place of pure bliss. Share our couples massage room and a Signature Massage with your partner, best friend or anyone special to you!

60 minutes………$220-$250+ for both people
90 minutes………$330-$360+ for both people

4 Handed Massage

Want to treat yourself or someone else to something really special? Our 4 Handed Massage includes a Signature Massage from two therapists working simultaneously on one person.

60 minutes………$220-$250+
90 minutes………$330-$360+

Hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy deep relaxation with a full body Hot Stone Massage. Stone placements will seep relaxation deep into the muscles, while gliding stones over tired areas increase blood flow and bring forth healing. Includes aromatherapy, warm towel foot wrap and a back scrub.

60 minutes………$135-$150+
90 minutes………$190-$205+

Pregnancy Massage

Soothe and care for all those hard to reach muscles through all 9 months of your journey. We have a pregnancy pillow system that allows you to lay safely on your stomach or side as the baby gets bigger. With this service we make special accommodations to help keep mom and baby comfortable, relaxed and safe.

60 minutes………$110-$125+
90 minutes………$165-$180+

Intense Focus Massage

An amazing treatment if you’re short on time or just need a little something more. Add a little extra relaxation to your Facial, Haircut or Body Treatment. We include 30 minutes of focus work at the pressure and style you select. Choose from Upper body, Lower back and legs, or Scalp and Neck.

30 minutes………$65-$80+

Reflexology Foot Massage

Soak away your cares before you enjoy a pressure point foot massage. We include a salt scrub, aromatherapy, foot massage and steamed towels. This service is targeted to relieve pain, stimulate blood flow and complete your overall wellness.

30 minutes………$65-$80+

A white cream is applied to a foot and leg during a foot massage

Reflexology Foot Treatment

Relax for just under an hour with this special, elongated pressure point foot massage. We start with a relaxing soak to soften skin and open up your pores. We then give the feet a good scrub before applying aromatic essential oils targeted for relaxation. The foot massage is followed by a foot masque and steamed towels.

50 minutes………$105-$120+

Clothed Massage

Similar to chair massage, but better! Enjoy your clothed massage in a quiet room on the massage table without the hassle of changing.

5 minutes………$10+
10 minutes………$20+
15 minutes………$30+
20 minutes………$40+
25 minutes………$50+

Clothed massage at Lontis Day Spa

Additional Massage Services

Take your experience at Lontis to the next level. Add on one or more of these delightful extras to elongate and intensify your escape.

Scalp Massage Add-on

10 minutes……..$25

Reflexology Foot Add-on

10 minutes……..$19

Deep Muscle Oil Add-on

No extra time needed……..$19

Detoxifying Foot Treatment

No extra time needed……..$19

Cupping Add-on (select therapists only)

No extra time needed……..$25

Paraffin Hand Treatment

10 minutes……..$25

See what our customers say about their visit with us!

Courtney Langel
Courtney Langel
I had a wonderful massage. It was my first professional massage and Marcus was the perfect balance of communicative and silent, allowing me to be in the moment and relax. My partner and I did a couples massage and it was an incredible experience. We had the massage on Friday and are still yammering on about what an enjoyable experience that was. Marcus was very respectful and the pressure was perfect. We enjoyed a bit of exfoliating and hot stones on the back as well as a warm foot wrap, none of which we were expecting when booking the appointment. It was a great touch! My partner said this was the best massage he’s ever gotten. I’m sad we don’t live in the area so we can do this every couple months!
Paul Luning
Paul Luning
Outstanding - solicitous, proficient - made the experience perfect
Tenille Olds
Tenille Olds
If you want to go to place to feel like a queen, this is the place! Jason is an Amazing nail tech and masseur! Go here!!!!! It’s a must!!!!
Aliyah Watkins
Aliyah Watkins
PHET was absolutely amazing. It was truly the best massage I ever received in my life. She was so attentive to detail & catered to every specific part of my body I told her I wanted to focus on & made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process constantly checking in with me. I plan to come back monthly regularly.
Lontis was a great experience with both kind and professional staff. Highly recommend Amirah for facial treatments!
Jonathan Kasch
Jonathan Kasch
Did a couples massage. They were friendly and professional. The massage was really great and relaxing.
kaylynn campion
kaylynn campion
Amazing. I felt very relaxed and well taken care of. My technician was so professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Lexie to future clients
Lydia Schultz
Lydia Schultz
I got a massage, it was a very peaceful experience. The salon is clean and beautiful. The staff was all very helpful and kind. Sarah did an amazing job! I will definitely be back.