Facials & Waxing


Replenish your skin with a customized facial at Lontis! We have several different facial options, but we believe in giving skin exactly what it needs—this often means addressing more than one issue within our time together. Prior to your treatment, we ask that you select a main area of focus, or that you start with a Signature Facial so that we can best direct you once we see your skin.

Each service includes a hands-on skin assessment and thorough consultation of the individual needs of your skin. We analyze lifestyle and current product routines and make recommendations as needed. Our skin therapists care about your needs and will work with you to improve your routines, products (if necessary), and skin.

Facial Services & Pricing

Signature Facial

Enjoy yourself with this relaxing facial. Our therapists spend an entire hour helping you achieve your basic skin care goals and achieving optimal rejuvenation. We provide many signature elements like steamed towels, aromatherapy, face, hand and arm massage. Should you need to shift your focus to a more targeted treatment, we will be happy to accommodate.

60 minutes………$110-$135+

AGE Smart Facial

Fight the signs of aging with vitamin extracts that penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. We use the latest and greatest technology in skin products to preserve the skin’s natural beauty as well as correct previous damage.

60 minutes………$125-$150+

Multivitamin Power Facial

Gain younger looking skin with increased plumping, firmness and cell turnover with the ultimate AGE smart technology. With this extended treatment, our therapists incorporate many relaxing spa touches. We include aromatherapy, hand and arm massage, foot massage and an extra masque.

90 minutes………$180-$205+

Active Clearing Facial

Powerfully correct adult or teen acne. This treatment starts with a thorough skin consultation to understand your concerns, lifestyle and current home care. Once we understand your specific needs, our therapists detoxify congested skin, perform extractions, and use ingredients to help regulate oil production.

60 minutes………$125-$150+

Ultimate Clearing Facial

Gently remove debris from deep within your skin’s many pores. We start with a thorough consultation to identify your adult or teen acne concerns. We start the treatment with a deep cleanse as well as a detoxifying exfoliation. This treatment includes light to extensive extraction work based on your needs. We finish with a double masking, hand, arm and foot massage.

90 minutes………$180-$205+

Hydrating Facial

Quench your thirsty skin with this relaxing treat. We use hydrating cleansers, serums and masks to achieve optimal moisturization. Our invigorating massage will help to increase blood flow and increase vitality.

90 minutes………$165-$190+

Ultra Calming Facial

Calm angry skin with this healing treatment. Great for acne, rosacea and pre/post op. Each facial is customized to suit the specific needs of your skin, always while using the gentlest of products and techniques.

60 minutes………$125-$150+

Express Facial

This targeted treatment focuses on your top skin priority. Since it is a shorter service, we analyze where our time should be spent and address things like basic skin care, hydration, calming, acne or aging. We can even add on extractions, should you need them, for only $15. We also perform a hand and arm massage while you relax with one of our customized masques.

30 minutes………$65-$90+

Waxing Services & Pricing

Facial Waxing

Brow Wax/Shape……..$25-$38+
Chin Wax……..$18-$31+
Full Face Wax……..$65-$78+

Lip Wax……..$18-$31+
Cheek Wax……..$18-$31

Body Waxing

Full Arm……..$55-$80+
Full Leg……..$85-$120+

Half Arm……..$45-$70+
Half Leg……..$55-$90+
French Bikini……..$60-$95+
Under Arm……..$29-$47+