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Lontis Day Spa & Salon has a strict Cancellation Policy for all services scheduled. I understand and agree to the following:

  • Any cancellations received must be no less than 24 hours prior for single-service appointments OR 48 hours prior for multi-service appointments.
  • Cancellation will be via email at [email protected] or by logging in online.
  • Payments are non refundable once pre-charged. Should a guest not appear or cancel after being charged, the payment will be applied for the cost of the agreed upon service(s) as a cancellation fee.

Each day we make a plan and staff based on the appointments scheduled. Our spa technicians make their living by performing services. If we receive a last minute cancellation, it affects their ability to earn an income. Out of respect for our staff, we kindly ask for a 24 hour notice when cancelling services.

Any late arrival 10 or more minutes past the agreed upon start time will be subject to cancellation. Lontis Day Spa & Salon reserves the right to cancel or downgrade any service(s) for late arrivals.

Lontis allows guests to reschedule their appointment due to possible COVID exposure or illness as late as 8:00am the day of service(s) via email only. Although pre-charged funds are non refundable, they can be applied to rescheduled services in this case if the proper notice and communication is utilized.

We do not accept walk-in appointments at this time and traditionally have not at our spa. At Lontis Day Spa & Salon we pride ourselves in creating a relaxing environment where our clients can truly escape the outside world, whether it be for 30 minutes or for a full day retreat, and this is more difficult when we have guests entering our spa throughout the day.

We also value our team’s time as much as we do yours, so we only staff our spa based on the appointments that have been scheduled for that day. Typically, we require at least a 2-4 hour notice in order to accommodate same-day appointments. We understand that this may be different from other spas in the area, but we are confident that operating by appointment-only allows us to do our best work and thus, give you the ultimate pampering that you deserve.

If you cannot find the service or time that you are looking for in our online booking system or on our website, please call us at 612-354-2697 and we will respond as quickly as possible.

We recommend booking your appointments online whenever possible. If you don’t find a time or day that fits your schedule, please send us an email or call and leave a message. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

We are experiencing technical difficulties with our Group and Couples online booking feature. You can schedule Group or Couples services by

1) Booking separate appointments for each person

2) Emailing us with your requests at [email protected]

If you do not see a day or time available, we may have options. Email is always the best way to discuss your needs and allow us time to find alternative appointment times for you. We thank you for your patience as we work to continue improving our online booking experience and look forward to seeing you soon!

Not in all cases. They may be more skilled in a specific area or specialty of service.

Downtown is in a rebuilding phase, thus, we are staffed accordingly and do not always have a team member available for drop-ins or in-store shopping. We appreciate you setting up a time to shop by calling or emailing us ahead of time so that we can be attentive to you. Online options have become a popular way to shop, so if you know what you would like to purchase or want to see what products we offer, please visit our online store.

We take appointments Monday-Sunday, but our office hours are from 9:30 am until 6:30 pm, Wednesday-Saturday. We are available Sunday-Tuesday by appointment-only.

Also, our team is not always available for phone calls or walk-up questions, so please leave us a message or send an email if we aren’t available. We appreciate your interest and want to earn your business, so we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Each service provider at Lontis starts as a Level 1 and works up to a Level 4 by earning promotions. We base these promotions on industry excellence for client feedback, product knowledge, specialty of services and excellence in client care over a period of time.

Each day we make a plan and staff based on the appointments scheduled. Our spa technicians make their living by performing services. If we receive a last minute cancellation, it affects their ability to earn an income. Out of respect for our staff, we kindly ask for a 24 hour notice when cancelling services.

We take a credit card to secure each appointment and confirm our 24 hour cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel your appointment, please inform us no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, or else the card on file will be charged in full. If you are unsure whether or not you can make it to your appointment, we suggest cancelling the services and re-booking when you know for sure you can make it.

Our spa technicians charge based on the demand built on their time. Technicians who charge more have a higher demand and have earned their promotions based on metrics from each Level.

Getaway Packages

All of our Getaway Packages can be done as a couples service. We have a couples massage room and side-by-side pedicure chairs.

We are happy to exchange or extend services for equal or lesser value when requested ahead of time. If you wish to opt out of any items from the package, the price would not be reduced.

We typically provide standard OPI polish on your nails. You may upgrade to Shellac Gel Polish for only an additional $10 so long as time allows. Please add this on when booking.

Any changes or add-ons MUST be requested no less than 24 hours prior to the date of service and are subject to availability. We cannot make last minute changes on the day of service.

We ask that all attendees receiving nail services arrive with “Naked Nails” to ensure we have time to perform the services scheduled. If you need your gel polish removed, please book this in. There will be a charge of $10-$25 for the removal depending on how long it takes to remove.

Booking online is always an option, but some additional options may be available upon request. Please give us a call or send an email request and we will do our best to accommodate your requested date.

We recommend booking getaway packages at least 1 week in advance to ensure we are available for all services.

We are not equipped to perform manicures on artificial nails, including dip tap. Enhancements such as gel, acrylic, dip tap or overlays do not work with dremels. If you have any of these enhancements on your nails, we suggest exchanging the manicure for an extra 30 minutes added onto your massage or facial when booking.

If a guest arrives with any of these enhancements on their nails, we reserve the right to convert the affected service(s) to a hand and/or foot massage treatment with the nail technician. We will not be able to exchange the service if we are not notified until the day of the appointments.

If this package is a surprise, please make sure that your guest is able to receive all scheduled services as we cannot make changes the day of the services.

Getaway packages are half and full-day spa packages with various options. Since there are several different options, we suggest visiting the “Getaway Packages” tab on our website. Each spa package includes a Dermalogica Skin Kit and spa lunch. If you are having trouble finding a package that meets your needs, we can customize one or help make suggestions.

This lunch is typically a salad or sandwich. If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know ahead of time so we can best prepare.


When booking a Couples Massage online, please keep in mind that we need 2 separate appointments for 2 separate people and that each therapist’s rate may vary. To add another appointment, please select the purple “Add more people” icon prior to choosing a time OR complete the booking for 1 person and send us an email request to add an additional guest.

If you have trouble booking a time, send over an email or leave a voicemail and we will try to accommodate if possible. Please note that same day bookings will be limited. We suggest booking ahead of time to secure the time and day that works best for you.

Since Couples Massage is essentially 2 Massages booked in the same room, the price varies based on the type of massage and the length of time. It will be roughly double the cost of 1 Massage. Pricing for the standard 60 or 90 minute massage is listed on our website under the “Massage” tab.

Massage prices vary based on the length of time and the Service Provider requested. A Signature 60 Minute Massage ranges from $95-$110 and a Signature 90 Minute Massage ranges from $135-$150.

Our therapists charge different rates based on the demand built on their time, but typically have only a $5-$10 price-per-hour difference. Therapist rates are listed when booking online.

Yes! We offer 60 and 90-minute couples massages and you can book them here: Book a Couples Massage

A Couples Massage is essentially 2 massages in our Couples Treatment room. Any of our massage services can be performed on couples. The most popular service is a 90 Minute Couples Massage. This includes a back scrub, warm towel foot wrap and a few hot stones.

We perform amazing massages in 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes. At Lontis, our standard Massage is customized to your needs. We can use European, Relaxation, Sports and/or Deep tissue modalities within your service, based on our Massage Therapists recommendations and expertise. Each Massage includes a back scrub, warm towel foot wrap and a few hot stones.

Lontis also offers Hot Stone Massage, Cupping and 4 handed Massage options for an additional charge.

Couples Massages are great for any group of 2. This includes significant others, best friends, parent & child and/or siblings’ relaxation.

Spa Parties

When booking the party we do not take a deposit, but require a 1 week commitment from all attendees.

On the invoice you will notice a minimum 18% gratuity is added for each guest, much like a restaurant.

We recommend booking 3-5 weeks in advance in order to assure the time and services your party wants can be accommodated. We can book smaller Spa Parties with less notice, but we may be limited on the services that are available.

We can comfortably accommodate 8-12 people depending on the service selections, but offer the option to service parties in 2 or 3 waves if the group is larger.

Though we do our best to accommodate spa party service requests, some options may be limited due to space and staffing. We are also not able to accommodate all guests being in the same room for all services in most cases. For some groups we may need to utilize our couples massage room, or we can upon request. If you have specific expectations or questions about this please let our team know in advance.

We accept cancellations of any or all party members free of charge up to 1 week prior to the party. Should anyone cancel the week of the party, a $50 per person cancellation fee will be assessed. We suggest collecting funds from your group 1 week prior to ensure they are responsible for the fee if they cancel.

After booking, we will send you a confirmation email with service options to choose from. We ask that you reach out to your guests and get their service requests as soon as possible. Since sometimes stations or service providers are limited, we ask that everyone select their top 2 service options as well as a 3rd backup option in case we need to adjust for flow.

We ask for these service requests 2 weeks prior to the party so that we can put together a schedule and ensure proper staffing. An invoice will be sent to you confirming the services and it will list each participant’s total cost, as well as a group total.

Spa parties are a great way to re-connect and spend some time with friends. Guests will receive 2 services from the package A, B or C party options, as well as a gift with spa goodies.

Final payment is due 48 hours prior to the party and will be charged to 1 card for the group. This does not have to be the credit card used at booking.

All spa parties MUST be booked in advance and secured with a credit card.

All guests are required to purchase a package. You are welcome to mix and match Package A, B or C to accommodate different timing or price constraints.


Since we do not perform these services, we do not have dremels or other materials necessary to work on or remove them. All new clients should arrive at their appointment with “naked nails” unless otherwise instructed.

We recommend removing any and all nail products not applied at Lontis prior to our technicians working on them. Since we do not use dremels, our removal process may take longer depending on the product used.

We offer Shellac gel polish, but do not perform gel tip nails, acrylic nails, dip tap polish or overlays.

Gel Polish Removal depends how long it takes to remove. Please ensure you book time for removal as it can take up to 30 minutes to remove. If it is determined that you have a dip tap or another artificial product, we may have to decline the service.

At Lontis Day Spa & Salon, we perform natural nail services only. We offer manicures, pedicures, and shellac or gel polish.

Gift Certificates

Yes! Gift certificates are available online by going to our website and selecting the Gift Certificate link. A virtual copy will be emailed to you or the recipient when the purchase is completed.

Please send us an email. Include the name and address of where you would like the Gift Certificate sent. We’ll be happy to mail out a physical copy. Please allow 3-5 days for shipping.

You are welcome to use a Gift Certificate for products and/or services as well as the tax associated with them. Unfortunately we are not able to use the Gift Certificate for tips or cash back.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a note and someone from our team will respond as soon as possible.